Entrepreneurial Journalism landing page redesign

Redesigned the landing page for the Entrepreneurial Journalism program at CUNY on Monday afternoon. Previously, it was a straight page with about 2,000 words of text. My goal was to convey much of the same information in a much more concise and approachable manner. We’re also starting to think about different calls to action we need to include on the page with the flows associated with each.

Overall, I’m happy with it’s functional utility. The program courses will eventually link to landing pages for each, and the blue links will help add more balance to the page.

For archival purposes, I’ve also taken a screengrab of the entire page.


Tal Safran December 26, 2010 Reply

Looks nice Bach! Are those CUNY’s colors?

Daniel Bachhuber December 27, 2010 Reply

Thank you sir. The black and the orange are “official” CUNY colors, and the rest of the design is a mix of the site’s design palette and a couple landing page layouts I respect.

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