Dive log: Sipadan Island, March 7th

Dive day number six, the last one. Beautiful, gorgeous, wonderfully sunny day on Sipadan Island. Almost finished The Star Fraction on the way there and back. Shot with the shop’s underwater camera for the whole day. Saw a hammerhead shark on dive number one, but it quickly swam away. Brought singapore chicken fried rice for lunch which was such a good idea. Dove nitrox on the last dive, first time ever.

Dive #1: South Point

Max depth: 31 meters
Bottom time: 40 minutes

Dive #2: Barracuda Point

Max depth: 24 meters
Bottom time: 46 minutes

Dive #3: Hanging Garden

Max depth: 19 meters
Bottom time: 48 minutes


Andrew Jesaitis March 10, 2011 Reply

Rad! Rad! Rad! 495 and 582 are sick shots! I’m ridiculously jealous.

Lauren Rabaino March 11, 2011 Reply

What kind of camera did you use for underwater shots?

Daniel Bachhuber March 11, 2011 Reply

It was a pretty standard Panasonic point and shoot but had an underwater housing. The camera probably cost $350 and the housing $900.

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