Dive log: Sibuan Island, March 2nd

Three dives today with Sipidan Scuba. Weather wasn’t that great, overcast with showers, but there were a few sun breaks. First deep dive ever along the wall was wicked awesome. Definitely want to get into deep diving.

Dive #1: Discovery Wall

Max depth: 29 meters
Bottom time: 43 minutes
Notes: Deep dive for PADI Advanced Open Water; color chart comparison at depth; compared readout from depth gauges; saw 4 lion fish, turtle, 2 nudibranches, shrimp, damsel fish and trigger fish.

Dive #2: East Beach

Max depth: 19.8 meters
Bottom time: 50 minutes
Notes: Fish identification dive for PADI Advanced Open Water; Saw fish from 6 groups: trigger fish, bat fish, goat fish, butterfly fish, damsel fish, and angel fish; didn’t kick the coral (environmental awareness); also saw tiger cowrie shell, varicose wart slugs, and lots of yellowback fusilier.

Dive #3: Frogfish Corner

Max depth: 14.3 meters
Bottom time: 56 minutes
Notes: Peak Performance Buoyancy dive for PADI Advanced Open Water; buoyancy check at the top; slow decent and neutral buoyant circle around a pile of wood; vertical hover, horizontal face-down hover, horizontal face-up hover; efficient, long, slow kicks practice; saw sand, rubbish, massive sea cucumber, and damsel fish.


albert March 2, 2011 Reply

Madly jealous

Michelle March 2, 2011 Reply

varicose wart slugs.

Daniel Bachhuber March 2, 2011 Reply

That’s their name, don’t wear it out.

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