Dive log: Si Amil Island and Singamata, March 3rd

Dive day number three. Frigid cold. Sun needs to return to SE Asia asap to battle off the rain. Also, first day of four dives. Pretty wiped out. Planned to photograph with David’s GoPro but it wouldn’t start up as soon as I was underwater on the first dive.

Dive #1: Pygmy Corner

Max depth: 29.3 meters
Bottom time: 49 minutes
Notes: fun dive; saw peacock mantis shrimp, nudibranches, 2 crocodile fish, and banded coral shrimp

Dive #2: East Point

Max depth: 18 meters
Bottom time: 47 minutes
Notes: fun dive; saw a turtle resting on the bottom, murray eels, and nudibranches

Dive #3: Lobster Rock

Max depth: 14.6 meters
Bottom time: 45 minutes
Notes: Navigation dive for PADI Advanced Open Water; 30 meter distance swim (40 kick cycles) return via natural reference; compass 180 degree reciprocal; compass square course; saw morey eel poking out of a hole while waiting for compass and dozens of chocolate chip sea stars

Dive #4: Singamata

Max depth: 13.3 meters
Bottom time: 41 minutes
Notes: Night dive!!! for PADI Advanced Open Water; practiced close buddy teams; turned off touches while kneeling on bottom to see florescent plankton; compass 180 degree reciprocal navigation; saw squid, lots of crab, shrimp, farm of sea urchins, and a long sea cucumber

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