Crappy hardware ideas

In no particular order:

  • Natural peanut butter stirring device. You know, to mix the peanut butter back into its oils. This device would need to be high torque with low speed, or it could even be mechanical with some design to increase mixing.
  • Fridge door alarm. Amazingly, our fridge doesn't beep when the door is left open. Many fridges do. This device would emit some noise (or send you a text, etc.) when the sensor detects an opening for >10 seconds.
  • USB hub with mounting hardware. All I want is to mount the hub to the back of my desk so I don't have to see it. Some hubs exist, but the price is quite high for what they are. There's an opportunity for something with screw holes in the ~$20 range.
  • All-in-one individual video conferencing unit. The existing options seem focused on adding a variety of peripherals to your conference room and TV. This setup would be for one person, and include video camera, screen, light source, and audio. A veritable magic box!

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