Co-Authors Plus v2.6: Search user’s display names, change byline order and more

Co-Authors Plus makes it easy to add multiple bylines to a given post, and has full support for custom post types. Out this evening, v2.6 has the following improvements:

  • Sortable authors — drag and drop the order of the authors as you’d like them to appear
  • Search for authors by display name so you can easily add bylines by first or last name
  • Option to remove the first author when there are two or more listed
  • More reliably generates the published post count for each user

Thanks to those in the forum who provided feedback and special thanks to Russell Heimlich for his contributions with sortable authors. If you feel like giving back, there are a few tickets open we’d love patches for. In particular, guest bylines would be pretty neat. I have a possible direction you can go if you’re looking for inspiration.

For our VIPs, this release will be available in the shared plugins directory in just a moment.


Daniel O'Connor December 22, 2011 Reply

Thanks for the update! I’m in the process of moving my college paper over to WordPress, so these plugins are much appreciated!

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