I’ve been remiss of blogging, but for very good reason: Leah is pregnant with our first child, and we had our wedding. Plus, business is going exceedingly well. So, not a lot of free time.

For the full story on Leah’s pregnancy, check out her write-up. We learned just over a month ago — on my birthday, in fact. Having discussed baby names for the past six months, I was mentally prepared and my initial reaction was excitement. Leah took a week or so to get used to the fact we’d be having a kid in March 2014 instead of March 2019. Once she did, we shared the news with the world.

On Sunday, Leah and I got hitched in front of Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach. It was, sincerely, the best day of my life. Not only did I get to tie the knot with my best friend, but the weather was beyond believable. Perfect day for a beach wedding. We had over 180 people attend the ceremony and reception. I’m truly humbled by those who took the time to celebrate with us, particularly those who traveled across the country and across the world.

Originally we had plans for a two-week honeymoon to Turkey and Greece. Because of the pregnancy, we’re instead headed to Sunriver for several days. We haven’t left yet though! Thanks to the state of healthcare insurance in the US, today we discovered Leah is denied any new coverage because pregnancy is a pre-existing condition. Her existing coverage ends September 19th. Fortunately, Oregon has the Oregon Medical Insurance Pool to pick up where the private sector drops off. Ironically, Regence, who provides my insurance and said they would deny her, is the provider of OMIP.

My genuine wish is for the “startup” world to take solving real problems more seriously. Josh Kushner’s Oscar sounds neat.

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