Beta test the new WP Remote API

WP Remote strives to make it much easier to manage your WordPress sites. This week, Joe and I are in Portland to build  a Premium version. Being the developers we are, our first order of business was to completely rewrite the API, and make it available for public consumption.

We’d love for you to break it try it out. The free endpoints allow you to update core, themes, and plugins, download an archive of the entire site, and access a log of the actions you’ve performed on the site. Our Premium version lets you install, activate, deactivate and delete themes and plugins, and enable automatic backups, with more to come.

Feel free to write scripts that use the API, or build a new interface on top of it (our application is built entirely on the API). We’ve also created WP Remote CLI for you, a WP-CLI command to access WP Remote. Our goal is feature parity with WP-CLI, plus more. My favorite command right now: wp --site-id=31 remote-site download

Because Premium isn’t launched yet, shoot us an email and we’d be happy to enable Premium endpoints for your site.

Oh yeah — Human Made is hiring for a product-focused frontend developer. If you know someone who might fit the bill, please send them our way. Bonus points if they pitch us with something they’ve built on the API.

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