Back on Flickr

Photos are awesome. I’ve been meaning to set up a dedicated photoblog for quite a while now so that I could help contribute to the wider pool of imagery on the web. It was going to be a WordPress install with a super minimalist theme, functionality to pull out EXIF and other photo metadata, and even use a custom plugin for posting from Tweetie using the TwitPic API. Media assets would be portable throughout the web with oEmbed. All of my data would be structured, on my server, and completely under my control.

Alas, this is a project yet to be completed. The long-awaited iPhone 4 arrived a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted a functional solution right away. Thankfully, Flickr holds the same libertarian data portability views as I do. They also have a slick iPhone application where I can add metadata to my heart’s content.

Feel free to track my world in pictures.

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