Analysis of distributed host testing failures

Since August, several WordPress hosts have been running the WordPress PHPUnit test suite on their infrastructure. Read this post for more background.

In total, six failures have been observed:

  1. r42421 – REST API: Return the proper status code for failed permission callbacks in WP_REST_Server->dispatch()
  2. r42037 – Customize: Support instantiation of partials with flat/unwrapped params for parity with controls, sections, and panels in [41726]
  3. r41764 – Widgets: Fix jshint error in media widget
  4. r41717 – Multisite: Replace calls to refresh_blog_details() with clean_blog_cache()
    • 1 of 1 hosts reported failures.
    • Travis CI reported a success. Root cause of host failure is unknown.
  5. r41614 – Users: There is not, in fact, 12345 users on every WordPress installation
  6. r41574 – I18N: Merge two similar “Cannot set parent term” error strings

Interesting! But also not very interesting because there's not much to see.

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