A tribute to Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk, you are my first and last task management tool. I have tried others, but they were not the same.

You are the epitome of web application. When others change their interface seemingly on a monthly basis, your beautiful design hasn’t change as long as I’ve subscribed to your services. We first met September, 2007. You’ve resisted the temptation to muck with a jewel that already works really, really well.

When you were undergoing scheduled maintenance two days ago, I realized how important you are to my life. You are the very first icon in my bookmarks bar. You are the most accessible location on my iPhone screen; I sync you hourly.

My girlfriend and I share you to keep track of the groceries we need to buy, and the chores we need to do. A simple shared list goes a long way towards de-cluttering the house of bits of paper.

It may have been around as long as I have, but “Inbox Email Address” is a recently discovered pleasure. If I need to jot down a few tasks, boom. If I need to inbox zero my email but log action items, done.

You bring new meaning to the phrase “getting things done.” Thanks to you I never lose track of anything I need to do. Although I may procrastinate on the top priority items, you pay attention to the number of times I postpone and flag it for me if it’s too many.

Thank you, Remember the Milk, for all that you do. Keep on rockin’.

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