A stranger in a strange land

When the iPhone first was announced, I remember debating with Jerome, my coworker at Grist, whether it would support third party apps or not. “If it doesn’t support Skype,” I told Jerome, “there’s no way I’m spending $600 on one.”

The day the iPhone was available, I went to the Apple Store in University Village just to hold one. No commitment. And I went out the door with an iPhone anyway.

I’m writing this post from the WordPress for Android app (which really should be named the WordPress.com / Jetpack upsell app). Two years ago, I tried to make the switch but I just wasn’t ready. Now, I’m mulling making a more gradual switch, having purchased one of the last latest Nexus(i?) for this testing purposes.

As a stranger in a strange land, here’s what I’m running into, in no particular order:

+ Other than the fact I have no idea how to create an unordered list, the WordPress for Android editor is quite nice.
+ I feel like I’m relearning how to computer with the Android keyboard. Selecting text also feels like it takes three attempts per.
+ With Ad Block Pro on desktop and Tweetbot on iOS, I almost forgot Twitter had ads. Twitter Android client: ew.
+ TouchID is conspicuously absent. As is iMessage support and Things. I guess you basically need iOS and Android apps if you want to exist.
+ It’s mindboggling how Slack has managed to produce a consistent, solid user experience across multiple platforms. Lesson for the rest of us.

Ok, battery just about dead. Back to iOS.

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