Ski report: Brighton, February 2013


Never miss an opportunity for adventure is my motto. When DJ posted on Facebook that he was headed to Utah for a conference and wanted to ski, I immediately jumped on it. We ended up skiing Brighton for a few days with his friends David and Jeffrey.

The most important details:

  • Day one: 15k feet of vertical in 13 runs before lunch.
  • Day two: 22k feet of vertical in 19 runs in the afternoon / early evening. Beer break midway.
  • Day three: 18k feet of vertical in 16 runs before lunch. Hot cocoa midway to defrost.

Secondary details:

  • Brighton Lodge is a pretty sweet basecamp for skiing Brighton. It’s literally right next to the lift. A four person dorm room runs $129/night.
  • Bring groceries and alcohol, as the evening dining options are limited and expensive.
  • Pray for snow. We got sun, but only a couple inches of fresh on Monday night. Had there been a dumping, much more of the mountain would’ve opened up.
  • It was fun thinking I could split skiing and work, but next time we’re instituting a no-laptop policy. I ended up working more hours than I wanted to, and everyone else spent equal hours if not more on their posters.

Best of luck to DJ, Jeffrey and David on their presentations!

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