New plugin: P2 Resolved Posts

P2 Resolved Posts on the VIP P2

On Friday, I finally pushed P2 Resolved Posts live in the directory. Based on Nacin’s gist of the same name, it’s a “lightweight GTD plugin for WordPress and the P2 theme.”

Mark a thread as “unresolved” when the topic needs resolution, and mark it as “resolved” when you’ve achieved that state. There are also sidebar widgets to let you see all unresolved posts, optionally filtered to a specific tag.

We use P2 extensively at Automattic, for a variety of purposes. I improved Nacin’s code last November because I wanted a simple way to encourage the culture of coming to a resolution on a topic. All too often, conversations are left hanging. This is a problem for those participating, and an even larger problem for those reviewing the conversation at a later date.

The plugin is in-development on Github. Please post any feedback, issues, feature requests, etc. in the forums.

6 Replies to “New plugin: P2 Resolved Posts”

  1. The plugin does not appear to be working on WordPress 3.4-alpha-20291with P2 1.3.3. No Resolved/Unresolved and widget option loading.

  2. Do you guys use this on P2 blogs? Is this something you’re thinking of making available? We have some clients who love managing their projects on P2 blogs. 🙂

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