wp profile v0.2.0 released

wp profile v0.2.0 includes a variety of bug fixes.

The changelog for the latest version of wp profile includes:

  • Registers more basic hooks for the template stage.
  • Ensures the last step to a stage is logged appropriately
  • Fixes error notice when SAVEQUERIES is already defined. If SAVEQUERIES is defined as false, then wp profile bails.
  • Fixes bottom of the table when there aren’t any items displayed.
  • Fix profiling of early hooks. When we throw an Exception to bail out of the call, this means the rest of the bootstrap code hasn’t executed, and important things aren’t set up.
  • Updates installation instructions with detail on how to require private file.

runcommand customers can download wp profile v0.2.0 from their account.

Haven’t purchased a subscription yet? Don’t delay — early access ends on Friday. Sign up today.

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