Write a custom check to perform an arbitrary assertion

Because wp doctor checks are built on top of a foundational abstraction, it’s relatively straightforward for you to write your own custom check.

The basic requirement is that you create a class extending runcommand\Doctor\Checks\Check that implements a run() method. The run() must set a status and message based on whatever procedural logic

As an example, here’s an annotated custom check to assert Akismet is activated with a valid API key:


 * Ensures Akismet is activated with the appropriate credentials.
class Akismet_Activated extends runcommand\Doctor\Checks\Check {

	public function __construct( $options = array() ) {
		parent::__construct( $options );
		// Every check is to run on 'after_wp_load' by default.
		// You could instead use 'before_wp_load' or 'after_wp_config_load'
		$this->set_when( 'after_wp_load' );

	public function run() {
		// If the Akismet isn't activated, bail early.
		if ( ! class_exists( 'Akismet' ) ) {
			$this->set_status( 'error' );
			$this->set_message( "Akismet doesn't appear to be activated." );
		// Verify that the API exists.
		$api_key = Akismet::get_api_key();
		if ( empty( $api_key ) ) {
			$this->set_status( 'error' );
			$this->set_message( 'API key is missing.' );
		// Verify that the API key is valid.
		$verification = Akismet::verify_key( $api_key );
		if ( 'failed' === $verification ) {
			$this->set_status( 'error' );
			$this->set_message( 'API key verification failed.' );
		// Everything looks good, so report a success.
		$this->set_status( 'success' );
		$this->set_message( 'Akismet is activated with a verified API key.' );


If the class were placed in an akismet-activated.php file, you could register it with:

  class: Akismet_Activated
  require: akismet-activated.php

Then, run the config file:

$ wp doctor check plugin-akismet-activated --config=doctor.yml
| name                     | status | message             |
| plugin-akismet-activated | error  | API key is missing. |