WordPress plugin release checklist

A helpful checklist you can follow when releasing a WordPress.org.

Getting ready to release a WordPress plugin? Here’s a handy checklist you can follow.

1. Update the readme for the release

  • Include all changes in the changelog
    • List order is typically: major enhancement, minor enhancement, bug fix
    • Use active voice, present tense.
      • “Shows an admin notice when Redis is unavailable”
  • Update version numbers as appropriate
    • readme.txt
    • Plugin header in the main plugin file.
  • Compile README.md from readme.txt (which is needed for WordPress.org)
    • Run grunt readme.
    • Run grunt i18n.

2. Tag a new version on Github

  • Use the releases feature to create a new Release, with a Git tag of the appropriate version number (e.g. “v0.5.0”).
    • Double-check tag name / version number.
    • Copy and paste the changelog into the Release body.

3. Tag a new version on WordPress.org

  • Sync the codebase with WordPress.org plugin Subversion trunk
  • Create a new Subversion tag from trunk.
    • svn cp trunk tags/0.5.0
    • Commit the tag.

4. Publish blog post / execute promotion strategy as necessary.