Questions to ask when determining why a WordPress site is going down

Some qualifying questions you can use to determine why your site is going down.

Working on a WordPress site that’s crashing all of the time? Here are some qualifying questions you can use to determine why it might be going down:

  • When does the site go down? Is it a particular time of day that could be correlated to traffic patterns?
  • When the site goes down, what do you do to bring it back up?
  • When did the problem start happening? Is it closely related to some other change that was made to the site?
  • What have you done in previous attempts to fix the problem?
  • How are the servers configured (RAM, etc.)? Does adding more capacity remediate the problem?
  • What caching plugins are you using? Do you have other caching strategies in place (e.g. Varnish or Cloudflare)?
  • What plugins are you running? How customized is your theme?

Importantly, these qualifying questions should give you better visibility into the nature of the problem, to help guide further debugging.