Analysis of distributed host testing failures

Since August, several WordPress hosts have been running the WordPress PHPUnit test suite on their infrastructure. Read this post for more background. In total, six failures have been observed: r42421 – REST API: Return the proper status code for failed permission callbacks in WP_REST_Server->dispatch() 3 of 3 hosts reported failures. Travis CI also reported a […]

Landing Gutenberg in WordPress 5.0

Some incomplete ideas I've been noodling on that I want to make public. Ultimately, the goal is: the vast majority of WordPress users are excited and should be able to use Gutenberg on day one. Fundamentally, this breaks down into two objectives: Make the end-user experience is so good that WordPress users actively want to […]

Seeking hard problems

It's that time of year again (where my schedule empties out), so I find myself in search of a really hard problem to work on. Some problems that have piqued my interest: Affordable housing. Did you know that affordable housing is defined as paying 30% of income or less on housing? And did you know […]

WordPress needs automated browser/integration/end-to-end testing

One thing I love most about WP-CLI is its Behat-based test suite. In fact, if you consider WP-CLI successful at all, I'd attribute said success to the test suite. Having a great test suite ensures exceptional build quality because: It’s easy to write new tests, which means they actually get written. The tests interface with […]

Next-generation managed WordPress hosting

What if there was a managed WordPress company that got rid of its servers altogether, and focused on helping you achieve the best possible results from any infrastructure on the market? Here’s how it might work: When you sign up for an account, you connect your Google Analytics account, so the service has intelligence about […]

One simple trick to clean up your WordPress database

Most WordPress sites likely run Akismet, which comes bundled with every new copy. What they probably don’t know is that, over time, Akismet will cause your wp_commentmeta table to balloon in size. Use wp db size –tables to see the size of all tables: $ wp db size –tables +———————–+——–+ | Name | Size | […]