Your help wanted: Gutenberg Migration Guide

This post originally appeared on make.wordpress/core. Happy Thursday 🙂 I’ve started a new crowdsourcing project, the Gutenberg Migration Guide, to document WordPress Classic Editor customization points and their Gutenberg equivalents (if such exist). For example, the media_buttons action is a common way to add a button atop the editor: Its Gutenberg-equivalent is the Block Inserter. […]

Summary of Gutenberg Plugin Compatibility Database results to date

A quick run-through of where we’re currently at with the Gutenberg Plugin Compatibility Database. Since announcing the database on March 1st, 70 people have been granted testing status. However, of 5000 total plugins, we’re still at 4139 untested plugins. No companies have stepped up to contribute a significant amount of person-hours. Of the 861 tested […]

Introducing the Gutenberg Plugin Compatibility Database

This post originally appeared on Ideally, the majority of WordPress users should be able to use Gutenberg on the day WordPress 5.0 is released. They'll hit "Update WordPress", navigate back to the editor, and continue publishing in Gutenberg with all of the functionality they expect in the Classic Editor. But plugins! If any one […]

Fields middleware for Gutenberg

At the moment, registering fields for your Gutenberg block requires a bunch of repetitive code to produce similar UI. For instance, to produce a text control, you need to do something like this: See? A lot of boilerplate that you need to repeat for each text control. For the simple UI, this boilerplate shouldn't be […]