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Free plugin ideas, March 2013

I may or may not get to these in the future. If you do before me, please let me know. Single-use P2 threads. P2 is an awesome theme for threaded conversations that stand the test of time. Avoid long, drawn out email discussions with friends by pointing everyone to a P2 thread. A year ago you […]

P2 Resolved Posts v0.3: Register your own post states

P2 Resolved Posts is a nifty plugin we use at Automattic, in conjunction with the stellar P2 theme, to help better ensure decisions aren’t left hanging and things get done. This third release of the plugin allows you to register your own custom post states. For instance, if I wanted to have a post “Waiting Review” before it […]

IRC channels for all my plugins

Well, the big ones at least. I recently “discovered” you can create arbitrary rooms on Freenode. Given how much I love Automattic’s IRC backchannels, I decided to create a few rooms for the plugins I work on on the off-chance they make it easier to answer quick questions, discuss feature requests, etc. If you like […]