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Landing Gutenberg in WordPress 5.0

Some incomplete ideas I've been noodling on that I want to make public. Ultimately, the goal is: the vast majority of WordPress users are excited and should be able to use Gutenberg on day one. Fundamentally, this breaks down into two objectives: Make the end-user experience is so good that WordPress users actively want to […]

Co-Authors Plus 3.1: Manage co-authors from Quick Edit, misc improvements

Co-Authors Plus makes it possible to assign multiple bylines to posts, pages, and custom post types via a search-as-you-type meta box. Thanks to Mike Patek at Vocativ, version 3.1 includes co-author management via Quick Edit: Also in this release: Updated Spanish translation, courtesy of sergiomajluf. Now matches core behavior when displaying author archive on multisite: user […]

Paid feature development of open source plugins

On Twitter this morning, I asked: How do you feel about having clients sponsor development of specific features? Good idea or fraught w/ problems? Apparently this dilemma resonates with developers: Rarst: “sounds better in theory than works in practice, from my limited experience” Boone: “Generally a good idea, as long as the client’s needs aren’t so […]


Idea: WordPress plugin for wp-cli so I could use the latter in the WordPress admin. Like Hopscotch, but installed on the site instead of as a browser extension. A sort of power user mode for the WordPress admin.

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