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Big news to announce. Which, unfortunately, requires I launch my new theme design. Which, unfortunately, requires I finish configuring the new Rackspace Cloud server that needs to host the new theme design. Tk in due time.

New navigation for the NY City News Service

Inspired by the Spokesman Review, I rolled out taxonomy-based navigation for the NY City News Service last night. Readers can navigate by topics, places, and media. Special projects are also more accessible. One neat thing about WordPress’ custom taxonomies is that I can design different landing pages for each taxonomy, and then even go as […]

Entrepreneurial Journalism landing page redesign

Redesigned the landing page for the Entrepreneurial Journalism program at CUNY on Monday afternoon. Previously, it was a straight page with about 2,000 words of text. My goal was to convey much of the same information in a much more concise and approachable manner. We’re also starting to think about different calls to action we […]

Campus directories done right

Not to throw too many tomatoes, but the Daily Emerald made a very “newspaper” mistake today with their website. I’d like start a discussion about “the better way to do it.” Case in point: The Daily Emerald, I believe as a part of their magazine edition for IntroDUCKtion, created a campus directory. The directory includes […]

Display as navigation

Doing some inspiration harvesting this afternoon, I discovered that The Spokesman Review has really slick topical pages. I’m impressed with the incorporation of a navigation element into the display of the text. The image above is from the tag page for “environment”; the tag itself, however, is within an input box that the reader can […]

More ideas for “unsucking” commenting

A post on Xark! today discusses why newspaper website comments suck and what might be done to “unsuck” them. The synthesis of why they suck is that newspapers don’t allocate enough time or staff resources to participating in the conversation and, when they do, newspapers take the wrong approach to community management. In short, there […]

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