Back on WebFaction (again)

If you’re seeing this post, I’ve moved my site back to WebFaction (again). I decided a while back that I don’t want to sys admin a Digital Ocean box and, surprise, it took me a bit of time to sit down and actually move everything over. In doing so, I’ve set up a fancy SSL […]

Moving on up

If you’re reading this post, then you’re seeing a brand new hosted by Digital Ocean. I’ve been a long-time WebFaction user, but the allure of cheap SSD was too much to pass up.  That, lack of two-factor auth support, and generally feeling like WebFaction is stuck in the early 2000’s caused me to branch […]

Q&A: Rusty Lewis on CMN’s new business model

Q&A: Rusty Lewis on CMN’s new business model. It just hit me: College Publisher inadvertently made it cost-effective to hire a developer and host it yourself. Student publications who don’t, and instead pay $2K/year for a terrible CMS while also donating their advertising revenue to CMN, aren’t long for this world. I can’t believe College Publisher […]

Back on WebFaction

After just a few months of administering my own Slicehost machine, I decided yesterday to move all of the personal sites I manage back to WebFaction. For personal stuff, I decided I need to focus more on publishing and less on figuring out why my memory usage is so high. Or, in the case of […]

Now served with Slicehost

If you’re reading this, then my website is now being served from 100% tasty Slicehost goodness. For the past year, I’ve been using the most basic WebFaction plan for a few of my personal sites as well as several projects. WebFaction is known for its one-click installers, which make it super simple to get an […]

New host and registrar

I’ve moved all of my domains to Namecheap and hosting to Web Faction. Here are a few things you can look forward to.