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Next-generation managed WordPress hosting

What if there was a managed WordPress company that got rid of its servers altogether, and focused on helping you achieve the best possible results from any infrastructure on the market? Here’s how it might work: When you sign up for an account, you connect your Google Analytics account, so the service has intelligence about […]

Back on WebFaction (again)

If you’re seeing this post, I’ve moved my site back to WebFaction (again). I decided a while back that I don’t want to sys admin a Digital Ocean box and, surprise, it took me a bit of time to sit down and actually move everything over. In doing so, I’ve set up a fancy SSL […]

Moving on up

If you’re reading this post, then you’re seeing a brand new hosted by Digital Ocean. I’ve been a long-time WebFaction user, but the allure of cheap SSD was too much to pass up.  That, lack of two-factor auth support, and generally feeling like WebFaction is stuck in the early 2000’s caused me to branch […]

Q&A: Rusty Lewis on CMN’s new business model

Q&A: Rusty Lewis on CMN’s new business model. It just hit me: College Publisher inadvertently made it cost-effective to hire a developer and host it yourself. Student publications who don’t, and instead pay $2K/year for a terrible CMS while also donating their advertising revenue to CMN, aren’t long for this world. I can’t believe College Publisher […]

Back on WebFaction

After just a few months of administering my own Slicehost machine, I decided yesterday to move all of the personal sites I manage back to WebFaction. For personal stuff, I decided I need to focus more on publishing and less on figuring out why my memory usage is so high. Or, in the case of […]

Now served with Slicehost

If you’re reading this, then my website is now being served from 100% tasty Slicehost goodness. For the past year, I’ve been using the most basic WebFaction plan for a few of my personal sites as well as several projects. WebFaction is known for its one-click installers, which make it super simple to get an […]

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