Git in my Subversion

Two weeks ago, I discovered magic: it’s possible to initialize a Git repo inside of Subversion (SVN). Since the advent of Github as a leading collaboration platform, I’ve forever been trying to reconcile the Git to SVN workflow. Progress is faster in Git(hub) because it’s a far superior platform for fostering contributions. Seamless pull requests […]

BCNI Philly: GitHub for news

Greg Linch led a 3 pm session in room 4 on applying GitHub (and Git) to news. Andrew Spittle and I collaborated on live Google Doc notes. Here’s Greg’s previous blog post on the topic.


iOctocat. Full-blown iPhone application for GitHub.

Easiest way to add Git to your WebFaction account

wget tar -xvf git- cd git- ./configure –prefix=$HOME make make install If you’re reading this in the future, you may want to use the most recent version of Git. Instructions via the always helpful WebFaction support team

How to properly use Git with Subversion

Find this post on the Google or someone’s shared link? I’ve discovered an even more magical way to work with Git and Subversion Having Git properly interface with Subversion is a mysterious black art. If you’re into the Harry Potter stuff, then this post is for you. First, I must give credit where credit is […]