Solo cross-country to Sunriver

Took advantage of the good weather and VIP’s semi-flexible tools rotation to do my final required cross-country work before my checkride. Departed Twin Oaks for Sunriver via Salem. The flight over the Cascades was a little bumpy so I climbed up to 9,500 ft. Total time to Sunriver was 1.6 hours.

For the return, I flew north from Sunriver to the Dalles and then cut down the Gorge. One of the neatest things about this trip was having what’s called flight following. This is where either Portland or Seattle has you on radar the entire time. They’ll then give you traffic advisories if your flight path is crossing another plane’s. It’s also a nice amonut of banter to keep you company as you spend a few hours solo in the cockpit. The flight back took 2.1 hours.

These photos and videos are a bit of what I saw along the way (gradually improving my aerial photography).

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Today’s flight along the coast

Today’s flight along the coast was my first solo cross-country. Originating from Twin Oaks Airpark, I flew a Cessna 150, N66589, towards McMinnville and then onward to the coast. It took me to 1.1 hours to get to Newport where I landed, hung out for a little bit, filed a new flight plan, and then returned home in 1.0 hours.

Like I mentioned on Twitter earlier, there’s a really sweet app for the iPad called ForeFlight that allows me to plan my route, look up weather along the way, and file my flight plan. Here’s what it looked like for the flight down there.

7S3 to ONP

Without an iPad, producing the flight plan takes about 10x longer than with. Such is the real-world value of technology. Of course, I have to do it the pen and paper way first because I’m “learning.”

Totally awesome…

Solo flight




Yesterday wasn’t my first solo, but it was my first time going through the whole process on my own: preflighting the plane, fueling, determining my flight plan, flying, etc. I took off towards McMinnville, did three touch-n-goes there, and then flew around some clouds to get back to Twin Oaks.

It was awesome, to say the least. I’m at a neat point in my training now too — I have endorsements to land at Twin Oaks, Aurora, or McMinnville, and am free to fly whenever I’d like (and the weather is good enough). Going forward, I need to complete some cross country work with my instructor, practice maneuvers for my checkride, and pass my written.

Plus, some video: