“Growing Tualatin” housing presentation for Tualatin BAC

“Growing Tualatin” housing presentation for Tualatin BAC. Michael Andersen, now of the Sightline Institute, gave a great presentation to the Business Advocacy Council contextualizing our local housing shortages with the economic trends of Washington County, and then identifying the solutions other cities are already applying. Watch the video or, easier still, read the transcript I […]

Tualatin now has a library ghetto

I now live in the library ghetto. This means that, because of where I live within the City of Tualatin, I can reserve or check out books only from the Tualatin Public Library, and not any of the 13 other libraries that are a part of Washington County Cooperative Library Services. Thankfully, my local newspaper […]

Micro-currency extrapolation

Andrew Spittle has a post up on ideas for expanding Spot.Us. The skinny is to give the funding community more power over who is reporting on what stories. In addition to allowing them to choose which stories are funded, they’d also have some amount of influence on who reports on which stories. Let’s take this […]