mislav/issuesync. Sync Github issues for reference on the plane.


Glui. I thought Captured was my  Skitch replacement. I thought wrong — Glui is beautiful. Props Joey.


If you’re only using one Vagrant on your local machine, you can make your Vagrant available everywhere by setting an environment variable in your .bash_profile: export VAGRANT_CWD=/path/to/vagrant/directory Neat trick I just learned.


Intercom. Super slick way to keep track of and talk with your users. Everything I envisioned for SupportFlow plus more. Human Made is using for WP Remote.

Interactive Vim tutorial

Interactive Vim tutorial. Even if you know the commands (of which I only have some memorized), this is a useful way to build muscle memory.


hub. Marries git and Github at the command line.

Hi WordPress, Meet Vagrant

Hi WordPress, Meet Vagrant. Funny callouts. It would be cool to easily replicate WordPress.com using Vagrant though.