Sibbell. Email notifications for new releases of your Github starred projects.


BugHub. Desktop app for your Github.


CCMenu. Build status indicator for your Mac OS X menu bar. Shiny! (via Toy)

Software I use, October 2014 edition

On Zack’s indirect suggestion, I’ve decided to do a clean install of Yosemite. As I wait for Yosemite to download, I thought I’d do an itemization of the software I’m using these days. The last time I did this was January 2011 — fun to see how some things change and others remain the same. Writing […]


InVision. Slick web app for reviewing / commenting on design comps. (via Matthew E.)


Rocketeer. “A fast deployer for the PHP world.” PHP answer to Capistrano.


joehoyle/Time-Stack. Pretty awesome and dead-simple to use profiler for WordPress. Requires a persistent object cache, but that’s about it.