Working on a project with lots of separate Git repos? Create a master repo, add each repo as a submodule, and git submodule foreach git checkout dev. If you’re working on a feature that spans multiple repos, simply use the same branch name for each repo. Can’t believe I didn’t think about this before.


If you’re only using one Vagrant on your local machine, you can make your Vagrant available everywhere by setting an environment variable in your .bash_profile: export VAGRANT_CWD=/path/to/vagrant/directory Neat trick I just learned.

User Switching « WordPress Plugins

User Switching « WordPress Plugins. Quickly switch between user accounts. Super useful when populating dummy content for your test website. (via WPCandy)

Scripting my application launch process

Every day for work, there’s several applications I always use. The other day, I put together a quick and dirty bash script for opening all of them at once. I’m terribly inexperienced at this, so don’t poke fun, only offer good suggestions for improvement… [sourcecode language=”bash”] #!/bin/bash # Open all of the requisite applications echo […]

Vi Cheat Sheet

Vi Cheat Sheet. Every key you could push and what it does.