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Atlanta’s public schools: Low marks all round. A recently released report from Governor Nathan Deal revealed systemic cheating throughout Atlanta’s school system, not by pupils but by teachers. Of 56 elementary and middle schools examined, 44 had cheating. In total, at least 178 teachers including 38 principals. The scope included everything from giving students answers to pointing to answers while standing over students to letting the low-scoring kids copy from the high-scoring kids to having a “test-changing party” to improve answers.

Serfing the web

The Economist, Nov. 11, 2010: Both Google and Facebook are run like absolute monarchies in which hundreds of millions of users (digital serfs, some might say) have created identities. Rather like mercantilist countries in the offline realm, both companies operate policies to protect this asset. Brad Burnham at Union Square Ventures, Jun. 10, 2010: Facebook […]