Taxonomies don’t matter anymore

What is more frustrating to me than a lack of solid content categorization is that there is no single CMS out there that allows you to indicate follow-ups, updates, series, retractions, corrections and responses. Now that would be interesting metadata and it’d really allow us to keep readers in the loop and give them updates to stories they care about. Much more useful than telling me that this story is an education story and that that story is about air travel.

Stijn Debrouwere — Taxonomies don’t matter anymore

Machine Learning Fairy Dust

There’s no substitute for good product design. You still have to make something people will want to use and find your way around technical stumbling blocks, not just fill in all the gaps with “ML will solve any difficulties we face”. Because it won’t.

Stijn Debrouwere — Machine Learning Fairy Dust. Referring to entries in the Knight-Mozilla digital journalism challenge, machine learning is the new social (and crowdsourcing and AJAX).