Alex Payne on the process cults

When I look around the world, the businesses that dominate don’t seem to be the ones that formed around process as a rallying cry. Rather, they adapted processes to bolster world-changing, market-creating ideas. The world doesn’t need a lean startup, or a developed customer, or a REWORK’d business; it needs solutions to problems, magic where […]

Groupon IPO: Pass on this deal

David Heinemeier Hansson: Groupon has filed its S-1 and hopes to raise $750M in its initial public offering. Given they’re currently losing a staggering $117M per quarter, despite revenues of $644M, they’ll be burning through that cash almost as soon as it hits their account. At the moment, it’s costing them $1.43 to make $1, […]

Startup vs. Company

  Startup vs. Company. Spencer Fry: “Startups are easy. Companies are hard.” I feel this way too.

My new crazy idea: Startup time

My new crazy idea: Startup time. Lauren’s thinking about starting a digital news organization in Porterville, California.

Painless Functional Specifications

Painless Functional Specifications. Why you should write functional specs, according to Joel Spolsky. Excellent series from all the way back in year two triple zero. Read part two, part three and part four as well.

Building the trunk, first

Building the trunk, first. How Carbonmade made it to where it is today, and why it’s only 1% of what it will be in 5 years. (via Andrew Spittle)

How Facebook Ships Code

How Facebook Ships Code. Brings new meaning to the phrase “developer-driven culture.”