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Off to Utah for three days of shredding gnar gnar sicky pow pow with Miles, Albert, and Joe. Last weekend left me pessimistic about the snow coverage, but it looks like the weather gods are smiling upon us kindly. Almost a foot in the last day, and more to come.

Joe will be in Portland next week for hacking and general mischief. If we manage to bang out the product idea I’ve had forever, it’s going to be something I’m very excited to show the world.


Yesterday: First day of skiing for the year! Did a full day at Timberline with Ned, Leah’s dad. He’s a ski patroller, and it was a fun day tagging along to see what that’s like. 21k feet of vertical over 17 runs.

Today: Hiked Dog Mountain with Spittle. Gorge-ous day in the Gorge, but bitterly cold. Saw a few other brave souls.

Now: Just about the perfect time for a hot bath.

Shredding the gnar, redux

Last year, I ended the season with an unbelievable day of skiing. Today, it happened again. Riley, my dad, and I arrived just before open to 13 inches of fresh. Riley, the avid tree skier he is, led the way all over the mountain. Fresh tracks and face shots galore. We finished with 16k feet of […]

Ski report: Brighton, February 2013

Never miss an opportunity for adventure is my motto. When DJ posted on Facebook that he was headed to Utah for a conference and wanted to ski, I immediately jumped on it. We ended up skiing Brighton for a few days with his friends David and Jeffrey. The most important details: Day one: 15k feet […]

Ski report: Tahoe, January 2013

The Miles and Daniel ski trip is now strong into its third year. This time we were joined at Squaw by Albert and lots of Miles’ roommates and friends. Many thanks to Natalie for coordinating the lodging. Saturday: 20.5k feet of vertical in 20 runs. Post-ski, two hour hot tub session. Sunday: 22.4k feet of vertical […]

Shredding the gnar

I am in disbelief as to how awesome today was. 14″ or so super dry powder last night, yes actual powder on Mt. Hood, and gorgeous sunny skies over Meadows. Face shots all day all over the place. 14k feet of vert in 14 runs; last two runs of the day were Private Reserve and […]

Alyeska, day one

Today, Miles and I skiied Alyeska for the first time. Alyeska is a resort about 40 miles south of Anchorage, Alaska. If you’ve ever seen a Warren Miller or Matchstick Productions Film, you probably are aware of Chugach Mountain Guides which operate out of the same area. The snow is pretty much the best I’ve skiied […]

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