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Shane Lofgren

Long weekend in Portland

Wednesday night: Delta non-stop flight from JFK to PDX. Michelle got a bulkhead seat, and I an exit row, so she traded the guy sitting next to me. Thursday: few calls in the morning, purchased new running shoes, hour swim at The MAC, delicious lunch at Paragon in the Pearl, haircut with Brenda, drive to […]

Hacking textbooks

A few of my favorite people to talk to are Shane Lofgen, DJ Strouse, and Max Marmer. Shane I’ve known since eighth grade geometry, DJ was Shane’s roomate freshman year, and Max is a bright, just-graduated from high school Californian from the Twitter-sphere. All four of us are quite interested in reforming the university system […]

Daniel Bachhuber

Proud father and husband. Principal, Hand Built. Maintainer, WP-CLI. Sales, rtCamp.