San Diego, March 2017

Our good friends Shane and Angela are moving to Boston this summer, where Angela’s been accepted into Harvard’s planning and public policy program. To celebrate the occasion, we took a fun vacation down in sunny San Diego. Highlights included:

  • Walking to the beach from our amazing Airbnb home.
  • Everything happening at Balboa park.
  • Four varieties of grilled pizza (no pictures except the raw ingredients, unfortunately).




Hacking textbooks

A few of my favorite people to talk to are Shane Lofgen, DJ Strouse, and Max Marmer. Shane I’ve known since eighth grade geometry, DJ was Shane’s roomate freshman year, and Max is a bright, just-graduated from high school Californian from the Twitter-sphere. All four of us are quite interested in reforming the university system from the technologically-backwards state it’s in to something that’s useful in an era of ubiquitous information. Today’s topic was reinventing the textbook.

DJ has an idea for augmenting the traditional textbook or, as Max puts it, adding an “onion skin” on top of the text. Meta data and meta conversations to make studying a collaborative exercise. If you think of the textbook as a platform from which learning can take place, then there are digital tools that can be built to make information flow happen more organically (think commenting, videos of professor explanations, quizzes, etc.).

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Cove Palisades

Every year, with this being the fourth, I try to get away for at least a weekend and join my friends at Cove Palisades State Park.  Spearheaded by the Lofgren family, it’s a grand time of wakeboarding, beach, and sun.  At dinner Saturday night, I finally pulled myself together enough to make a few images (largely at the urging of everyone else).

Colin’s stubble is the new look, kind of like sagging pants.

Collin Sherwood Elwyn is one of those friends I’ve had since at least middle school, if not elementary school.  I think we played both soccer and basketball together at one point, but it’s fuzzy trying to think back that far.

The Kitchen
Colin’s stubble is the new look, kind of like sagging pants.

For dinner that night, we had pizza from the grill, perfected after many years of trial and error.  I can remember back to the good ol’ days when we tried to cook it over the fire and ended up making calzones.  The secret, as it stands, is to coat the dough in olive oil to prevent burning.  Just reminisce of all of the dinners we had, though, before we figured that out.

Forrest takes a bite out of some pretty stellar pizza cooked, of course, on a Weber bar-b-que.

I think Forrest would agree with me in that it was quite tasty.