Irreproducible Results

[The] problem of irreproducibility is tied to a bias in science toward positive results. This bias towards the positive operates on many levels in science, including a “publication bias” of only publishing positive results and discarding, if not dismissing, negative results. The bias toward positive results including setting up experiments to capture positive results, which […]

Journalism should be reproducible

The idea came a month ago: “journalism should be reproducible.” After a conversation with Miles this weekend, I’d like to explore this further. First point: Let’s approach journalism as the science for civic participation. Give journalism the goal to help us improve our standards of living, create a more just society, and so on. Make […]

Covering Science and Technology: So you want to be a tech writer?

David Wolman and Marshall Kirkpatrick (@marshallk) led the conversation for the last panel this afternoon. Informational interviews are a key part of finding stories, David says. He consumes a lot of coffee, talks with people about what they’re working on, and then also asks about what else they’re working on. That secondary information can lead […]