Thirteen mile run up Eagle Creek this morning with Jordan and Ry. First signs of fall on the trail. Gorgeous — coming up on my favorite season of the year.

Running with the watch of the future

Leah bought me a combination GPS & heart rate monitor watch for my birthday. Coming from someone who’s been running as many years as he’s been alive, this watch has completely changed training patterns.

Before, training to me was running as far as I could, as fast as I could. In my infamous first attempt at a marathon, I’d string together an eight miler, a fourteen miler, a nine miler and do a six miles on my off day. Needless to say, it was too much — my body fell apart three weeks before the marathon.

Now, because I’m training for endurance, all I need to do is keep my heart rate below 155. I don’t have to come out of every run exhausted, needing a day of recovery. Instead, I feel invigorated.


Trail run with Jordan today to Hood’s Paradise Park. Twelve miles in total over three hours, and running for nine miles / two hours.

I didn’t bonk on this one, but I did feel pretty beat at the end of it. And today definitely wouldn’t have been a good day for forty.

The theory is that it was a combination of dehydration and the wrong heart rate for me. Planning to pick up a Garmin GPS + heart rate monitor watch — we’ll see how slow running at 145 bpm is like.


Wonderful 55 minute run on Leif Ericksen with Jordan. Sun set to reveal peeks at the city through barren trees. Feels great to be back at it.

Portland Marathon in 4:01:51


If I was in the Army, my nickname at work tomorrow would be Major Chafeage.

This morning, Leah and I completed our first ever marathon with a net time of 4:01:51. Considering I, somewhat stupidly, climbed Table Mountain yesterday, it was awesome to have such a great finish. Highlights of the course include great weather, a beautiful jaunt across the St. Johns Bridge, and copious amounts of gummy bears. The first 18 miles were strong. After that, my energy level dropped significantly and I dosed on said gummy bears to get to the finish line.

“Let’s do the ultra,” Leah says first at breakfast and then again this evening, referring to the Autumn Leaves 50/50 happening at the end of the month. Heh, we’ll see.



Ran twenty miles this morning, the last long one before the marathon two weeks from now. The first half involved running down to the waterfront and doing a few loops — it felt great. The second half became increasingly more difficult because I ignored Leah’s advice to fuel early and often. Lesson learned.

Quartz also launched this morning. It’s the bleeding-edge of what’s being built on top of WordPress. I’m excited to see how the application continues to evolve and, being a long-time Economist reader, doubly excited to become an active reader. Quartz brings new meaning to the phrase “Powered by VIP.”