Monica, the CRM to make you a better friend

Monica is my new favorite software. It’s a CRM to “organize the social interactions with your loved ones.” In the few weeks I’ve used it, Monica has done a great job proactively encouraging me to be a better friend. Monica is also open source on GitHub with an active community. It’s clear how this has […]

Product review: Miracle Method

Our kids bathtub had a botched repair job by the previous owner that we discovered last November. After calling a couple of fiberglass repair specialists, we learned the bathtub was probably plastic, and we’d have to replace the entire tub. Because there’s tile around the bathtub too, we sat on our hands for months, hemming […]


Wow, what an amazingly satisfying dinner at Applewood. Even though it’s only a block away from my old place, this evening was our first time. Michelle and I split zesty calamari for an appetizer. I had an excellent quinoa and grilled summer vegetables entree, and she had fresh Atlantic bass over a great squash risotto. […]

PTCruiser iPhone application for Pivotal Tracker

PTCruiser iPhone application for Pivotal Tracker. Open source iPhone application for accessing Pivotal Tracker on the go. User interface is just what you need to access the agile project management tool. You can create new stories, assign them to collaborators, comment on existing stories, and accept others’ work. Only downside is no offline syncing, but […]

Reeder for iPhone

Reeder for iPhone. It’s the user experience of Fever with all of the functionality of Google Reader, including shared items, plus bonus features like Instapaper integration, save to Delicious or Pinboard, and offline syncing that. just. works. What’s more is that I can’t believe Gruber hasn’t linked it yet. A well-deserved hat tip goes to […]

Quick look at Managing News

Managing News is a “robust news and data aggregation engine with pluggable visualization and workflow tools.” Mo Jangda set up an instance on his server that I finally had the chance to check out. My initial impression was that, like the website, the development team put a tremendous amount of effort into polishing the user […]