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Workshop: Website hack session, 4/14/11

To accommodate Entrepreneurial Journalism students, I moved my office hours to Thursday this week. It was scheduled for 5 pm, but no one showed up until 5:30 pm. This was a problem, as there was a rush at the end when I had to leave at 6:30 pm. Overall, three students showed up of the five expected.

What ever happened to the Populous Project?

The Populous Project is (was?) an open source, student news content management system which received $275,000 from the Knight Foundation’s 2008 News Challenge. It was supposed to be the panacea for college media, solve all of our College Publisher woes, and offered everything but the kitchen sink. CoPress talked to Anthony and Dharmishta a few […]


Or time charts or whathaveyou. Three methods of visualizing activity on a given topic over time. Google News search result for “Apple” New Orleans police action after Katrina Ushahidi’s Github profile What are the best methods for visualizing information over time, and how do you measure its effectiveness in telling a more complete story to […]

Questions currently of interest

What follows are a few of the questions that have been consuming a significant amount my brain cycles recently. This may or may not be a departure from what I might normally post, but I’d like to start using my web presence as a personal data store as much as a place to publish opinionated […]

Measuring journalism

Steven Johnson, with “The Glass Box and The Commonplace Book” (emphasis mine): But they have underestimated the textual productivity of organizations that are incentivized to connect, not protect, their words. A single piece of information designed to flow through the entire ecosystem of news will create more value than a piece of information sealed up […]

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