Reusing DFP slots within infinite scroll

Infinite scroll on the index view and article view seems to be all the rage these days. TIME reports their bounce rate went down by 15 percentage points with their redesign. At some point in the discussion, AdOps will raise their hand and say “how can we get ads in the scroll experience?” Short answer: with code! Because AdOps […]


John McAfee, yes the household name in tech, is on the run from the law in Belize. His situation sounds larger than life — who knows how much of it is true. But, as a testament to the world we now live in, the man has a blog and it’s powered by WordPress. I look […]

10 years in the making: The new

10 years in the making: The new Syracuse University’s Daily Orange finally makes the switch from College Publisher to WordPress, with a very nice responsive design at that. Joey Baker has been vindicated.

Related posts via a quiz

Many news sites display related content at the end of an article that’s often based on textual analysis or visitor traffic. Articles often assume a baseline of knowledge on a story, regardless of whether the visitor knows anything about the topic or not. It would be neat if you could include a quiz widget within […]

Co-Authors Plus v2.6.3: Enhancements and bug fixes

Co-Authors Plus makes it easy to add multiple bylines to a given post, and has full support for custom post types. Out just a moment ago, v2.6.3 has the following improvements: AJAX user search is back to searching against first name, last name, display name, email address and user ID. The method introduced in v2.6.2 didn’t […]