Forward email newsletters into Feedbin

Email newsletters are some of the best free content produced by news organizations these days — concise, timely, and devoid of their website's megabytes of advertising JavaScript. However, it's distracting to receive them at random points during the day. I much prefer to manage my news consumption at my own pace. Fortunately, Feedbin is two […]

Slack is the new email

Does this look familiar? Person A [6:37 AM] Please ping me when you are online. Person B [7:42 AM] What’s up? Person A [8:56 AM] What do you think about topic X? In case it’s not immediately obvious, this conversation is horribly ineffective. It’s imprecise, has a high degree of latency, and is hugely wasteful. […]

Automattic’s hidden tricks

Automattic has been particularly good at building an effective distributed company. Some pieces (e.g. P2) are obvious. Others are hard won and don’t get the limelight they deserve. Matt’s Global Search (MGS). Now that I’m on the outside, MGS is the piece I miss most. MGS searches all Automattic P2s of all time.  Ever wonder […]

A tribute to Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk, you are my first and last task management tool. I have tried others, but they were not the same. You are the epitome of web application. When others change their interface seemingly on a monthly basis, your beautiful design hasn’t change as long as I’ve subscribed to your services. We first met […]

New standing desk setup for PIE

It’s the return of the IKEA bar table… again! This is now my third. IKEA no longer stocks the Leksvik, so it’s on to the BJÖRKUDDEN and corresponding stool. Pros: cheap; almost the right height; stool works fine. Cons: smaller desk space; stool isn’t as comfortable as an actual chair. I also purchased an Ergotron monitor arm, […]