A slightly delayed Alaska 2634 from San Francisco to Portland, few hours in Portland for a cousin’s graduation party, and then US Airways 95 down to Phoenix to see Michelle and her family for the week.


Precisely 35,985 feet over the border of Missouri and Nebraska on a Delta flight from JFK to PHX. Michelle and I are visiting our families this weekend. Looking forward to a mostly off the grid couple of days with sun, good food, baseball, and hiking.

News Foo

I’m headed to Phoenix today for News Foo. News Foo is a derivative of O’Reilly’s Foo Camp, an annual gathering of innovators that was also the proto-BarCamp. If you don’t hear from me all weekend, it’s because my mind has exploded from epic conversations.

Also, I arrive at 4:56 pm local time on Delta 2799 if anyone wants to share a cab with Cody and I. He gets in a little earlier.