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P2 Resolved Posts: Only mark a specific category as unresolved

In the forums, ameeromar asks: Hey would it be possible to limit the automatically marking as unresolved to one category? This would be particularly useful for my category ‘tasks’ which need to be marked as unresolved when published (and then marked as resolved when completed). It’s totally possible using a combination of a couple filters. Here’s […]

P2 Resolved Posts v0.2: Mark new as unresolved and audit log

P2 Resolved Posts is a nifty plugin we use at Automattic, in conjunction with the stellar P2 theme, to help ensure decisions aren’t left hanging and things get done. This second formal release of the plugin incorporates the following: Automatically mark new posts as unresolved by adding add_filter( ‘p2_resolved_posts_mark_new_as_unresolved’, ‘__return_true’ ); to your theme’s functions.php. Thanks macmeister for the […]

New plugin: P2 Resolved Posts

On Friday, I finally pushed P2 Resolved Posts live in the directory. Based on Nacin’s gist of the same name, it’s a “lightweight GTD plugin for WordPress and the P2 theme.” Mark a thread as “unresolved” when the topic needs resolution, and mark it as “resolved” when you’ve achieved that state. There are also […]

Automattic has me spoiled

Automattic has me spoiled. Today, I sat through an hour-long conference call and a two hour committee meeting. Let’s say an average of ten people were attending each. If each person makes an average of $30/hour, the conference call cost $300 and the committee meeting cost $600. And… the content of both was largely status updates.

P2 needs a better marketing landing page so I can more easily sell it to every group I’m a part of.

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