How Fusion does agile

As a part of NYU Studio 20’s project with Storyful, I did an interview on how Fusion applies agile in its product development methodologies. For lack of a better word, this is the funnest thing I’ve written in a while — it encapsulates my current thinking on distributed teams, open source, and many topics in-between. […]

Introducing Shortcake

Introducing Shortcake. UI framework for your WordPress shortcodes. Fusion’s first (of many) open source projects.

#wcnyc: A Journey To The Center Of WP-CLI

The talk went great! I improved my wp present command to do some fancier Markdown parsing, and it worked out quite well. Here’s the markdown file if you’d like to skim through. Although I didn’t finish my slides until this morning, I did a couple of things I’ll always be doing going forward: Produce a list […]


danielbachhuber/wp-dev-docs. As I perform code reviews for Hand Built, I’m building out a repo of reference documentation to refer to that you can use too.

The Internet’s Telltale Heartbleed

Unlike a rusting highway bridge, digital infrastructure does not betray the effects of age. And, unlike roads and bridges, large portions of the software infrastructure of the Internet are built and maintained by volunteers, who get little reward when their code works well but are blamed, and sometimes savagely derided, when it fails. […] It’s […]

The Genericons Icon Font Story

The Genericons Icon Font Story. A slick GPL-licensed icon font produced by the ever awesome Joen, Sheri, and Takashi.