Off to Philly today for SRCCON, a gathering of some of the nerds who make the technology behind the news. I am so excited! For years, CMSes, publishing workflows, and the unsexy but very mission critical technologies have been my passion. Yet most of the conferences, online discussion, etc. have skirted around the topic, in […]

Trail report: Catskill Escarpment Loop, 5/7/11

On Saturday, Michelle, Zach, Adrianne, Adrianne’s friend Tim, and I drove out of the city to go for a hike (originally Schunemunk Mountain but ultimately Catskill Escarpment Loop). It ended up quite the adventure. First, we lost 40 minutes when the New Jersey vortex mixed up my knowledge of north vs. south. The former is […]

Meet for SPEED

Meet for SPEED. Front-end performance meetup tonight at 7 pm at LogicWorks.


Thunderstorm while it’s snowing. I can safely say I’ve never experienced this before.


Taking Amtrak Empire State 255 with Albert up to Albany to ski tomorrow and Sunday. To our left is the Hudson River with chunks of ice near the shore. Awesome.


Is it possible to carry skis and boots on the subway? Totally.

ONA NYC Meetup

ONA NYC Meetup. Woo hoo for events hosted at the J-School!


Recipe for an awesome Saturday morning: Call Bank of America customer service on an AT&T phone in New York City.

Where I’ve been: NYC, PDX, and EUG

Heatmap visualization of where I’ve been in three cities I most commonly visit, based on 1030 check-ins on Foursquare and a neat tool called Where Do You Go found via Zach Seward. New York Portland Eugene Pretty neat. The hotspots in each city are most commonly where I live and work. Unlike Zach, I check-in […]