Thought: One of the most valuable features of Twitter as a publishing platform is that the writer has a much better sense of who they’re communicating with. There’s a “Following” list which puts names and reputations behind a readership. Furthermore, the writer can indirectly assess the likelihood of their content being consumed based on followers’ […]

Fast and great support from the 37signals team

Fast and great support from the 37signals team. Metrics tracked: Percentage “Smiley” (or positive) ratings Average time to first response Average time to first resolution Percentage of cases taking more than four hours to reply Percentage of cases getting a response in the first hour

Tracking data on everything: Web team projects

Data makes the world more visible. At the end of March, I embarked on a personal initiative at the J-School to quantify as many of our processes as possible. My working thesis: if we can generate enough data about a system, and have a framework to understand it, we can be far more effective in […]

WordCamp and journalism conferences

When you speak at a journalism conference I want to hear about what the top idea in your mind is. I want to hear about what experiments you are trying, how you are measuring them, and how they are affecting your success. WordCamp and journalism conferences. Ideas, action, measurement, and iteration, all for the win.


Urtak. Very neat, engaging tool enabling websites to gather demographic and perception information from readers in a lightweight fashion. Almost like a publisher-centric version of Hunch. Found on the Camayak website.

It’s the focus on broken metrics, silly

Gadi Amit,¬†American Design Schools Are a Mess, and Produce Weak Graduates: Employers like me and my peers need evidence that a new hire has what it takes to hit the ground running. And, given the lack of consistency in design school training, we’re forced to put more weight on portfolio reviews or evidence of skills […]

Measuring journalism

Steven Johnson, with “The Glass Box and The Commonplace Book” (emphasis mine): But they have underestimated the textual productivity of organizations that are incentivized to connect, not protect, their words. A single piece of information designed to flow through the entire ecosystem of news will create more value than a piece of information sealed up […]