#pdxwp: Code Review Takes Two

We did a second pass at our code review meetup — last night turned out much better than the first. The high point for me: most of the “presentation” was, in fact, discussion. The latter proved to be way more valuable for everyone, as most of the twenty people in the room don’t do code review […]

#pdxwp: wp-cli is for WP devs on a deadline

As a part of tonight’s “It’s Tool Time: 4 Tools You Cannot Live Without” meetup, I presented on my beloved wp-cli. wp-cli is a command line interface for WordPress, and a tremendously powerful tool for WordPress developers on a deadline. So powerful, in fact, I wrote my slides as a command 15 minutes before my […]

Team VIP meetup in Miami

The nature of a distributed company is such that you rarely get to see your colleagues unless you make an explicit effort to do so. Team VIP is eight people in Portland, San Francisco, Toronto, Milan, and Sofia, Bulgaria. Fortunately, working for Automattic means we get to meet up, socialize, have fun, and collaborate in […]