The next 11 days

A bit of travel coming up over the next 11 days:

  • Today I’m flying to NYC to meet a few new members of the Fusion team in person. Tomorrow we have a hack day on the theme of personalization.
  • Friday evening I’m taking the train to Philly for Saturday’s BCNI. I fly back to Portland Saturday evening.
  • Home on Sunday.
  • On Monday, I’m headed to Napa via SF for the VIP workshop. I’m bringing my running shoes.
  • Thursday, I fly to Las Vegas for Loopconf, where I’ll be until Saturday morning.

If our paths intersect, say hello!

On the gear front, I recently picked up a Patagonia Refugio 28L backpack. It passed the test with flying colors on an overnight to SF. One pocket for my laptop, another for clothing, and a third for cables, etc. I can’t underscore how exceedingly awesome it is. Clothing volume-wise, I think it’s going to max out at three night trips unless I pack my reusable undies.


Travel this month: VIP meetup in Las Vegas starting today, New Zealand for Webstock at the end of next week, and then a combo Utah for skiing and Kentucky for NICAR at the end of the month. Wish me luck. And if you happen to be in any of those locations, hit me up.

Two highlights of this morning. One, waking up early enough to (mostly) finish painting the bedroom. Two, getting to the airport early enough to get a Velvet Hammer from Coffee People.