iPhone home screen, February 2018


OverDrive is like free Audible! See if your local library is participating. I've been knocking through non-fiction since September.

Goodreads for keeping track of what books I should read and have read. Sometimes the network is useful.

Overcast may seem like an over-hyped podcast app but it's actually really good. Listening at 1.5x is life-changing.

Look ma, no Mail.app! I made the decision to remove Mail from my phone a few months ago and haven't looked back.

Spotify is my jam (after switching from Rdio), although I'm growing weary of algorithmic influence on music. Might be time to go back to albums.

Paprika keeps our family's cookbook in sync between devices. Tonight is turkey meatballs, pasta, and brussel sprouts.

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The phone dilemma

I have a two year-old iPhone 4 I need to upgrade.

The iPhone 5 is out of the picture because of the different form factor. My Mophie won’t work with it, and there aren’t any cases for it yet.

This morning, I went into both an AT&T store and an Apple store. Apparently the only iPhone 4S I can purchase is the 16GB. This would be a significant downgrade from the 32GB model that I’m currently using 26GB of. Furthermore, because I’m using my mom’s upgrade, buying a new iPhone at the Apple store would mean that my mom’s line would be deactivated until I ran over to the AT&T store to reactivate it.

I’m taking this as a sign I should finally make the switch to Android. What should I get instead?

“Phone” is to the iPhone as “RSS reader” is to ?

It’s time to iterate on the product formerly known as the RSS reader. Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr are going in a direction that emphasizes usability and ephemerality over durable value and utility. I want someone to do to the RSS reader what Apple has done to the iPhone. The iPhone is a phone — but it’s also a completely different paradigm.

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Cleaning… In iOS5, the cache directory used by many applications, including Instapaper, to store downloaded data now gets periodically deleted by the operating system. Today I learned Rdio is affected by this same fatal bug; even though I had 10GB or more free on my iPhone, my downloaded music was nuked sometime in the last 24 hours (and Instapaper articles too).

Yet my podcasts in iTunes persist and I have a suspicious feeling this policy doesn’t apply to applications developed by Apple. Streaming isn’t going to work for the amount of time I’m out of country this year. Epic fail.