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In the news, ending 5 December 2008

Of interest in the past week: Text service provides more than a Band-Aid for rural health service – CNN Coverage of Josh Nesbit’s Mobiles in Malawi project to enable community health workers with FrontlineSMS. Alligator lacks editor applicants – The Florida Alligator The Independent Florida Alligator is having trouble finding Editor-In-Chief applicants. Sign of the […]

In the news, ending 28 November 2008

A few stories especially of interest in the past week: Is Kashmir key to Afghan peace? – Christian Science Monitor Raises the question as to whether solving the Indo-Pakistan dispute will help resolve the situation in Afghanistan. Significantly more attention will be paid to this region in the coming months. Police issue slew of citations […]

Peripheral education

There are two points I’d like to argue about education as it stands today. For one, the traditional university system is fundamentally incompatible with the information transformation we’re now swimming in. This redesign will have to happen in the next decade, or else major pipes are going to break just like they’ve broke with the […]

Podcasts for the ride home

In the interest of sharing my favorite podcasts of the previous year with my friend Shane, I thought I might open the recommendations to all. While on the drive home to turkey day, these are three “world changing” conversations you should consider listening to: Howard Bloom on “The Global Brain” – IT Conversations Howard talks […]

Open source organization, Uganda-style

As it turns out, I don’t believe I’m the only person in the world to have conceived the concept of an open source organization.¬†Earlier this week, my friend Isaac Holeman pointed me to an article on the Guardian about a development project in Katine, Uganda the paper is trying to open up to the world. […]


ColaLife is a “campaign to try and leverage the distribution muscle of a multi-national corporate institution to get life saving medicines to children in developing countries.” In short, to convince the Coca-Cola Corporation that it is worthwhile to distribute rehydration salts through their robust and well-developed delivery network, apparently a weakness of most non-governmental organizations. […]

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